what you love ?

i always ask my self about my passion, untill now i dont really know what i love.
Steve Job told, when you love something you will do that all your heart; in our business, career, etc.

by the way, i’m now at last semester to reach bachelor degree in major of islamic economics.
my research will present the differences between two indeces in Indonesia Capital Market, ISSI and IHSG interm of their volatility.

of course when i graduated from STEI Tazkia, i dont want to lost my knowledge about Capital Market.
i must get a career/job/work in some institution that have any relevance with Capital market, it may be Jakarta Stock Exchange, KSEI, or Security company. but in the other hand, i dont want to waste whole my life becoming employee. i prefer to be a free-man like entrepreneur, even in agricultural,islamic finance,small business..etc.

never mind with becoming employee, u still need it to make network for your business next time. also u can seek an investor for ur besiness, make friends with other people who have some strategic position in a Company.


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