Interpreting the graph (1)

The table shows the sales figures of fiction books, non-fiction books, and magazines in a college bookshop for February 2000. The figures are divided into two groups: sales to non-Book Club members and to Book Club members.

The non-Book Club member figures comprise sales to college staff, college students, and member of public. Collect staff bought 332 magazines, 44 fiction and 29 non-fiction books. College student bought 1249 magazines, 194 non-fiction and 31 fiction books. More magazines were sold to college students than to any other group of customers. Although no fiction books were sold to member of public, they purchased 122 non-fiction books and 82 magazines.

Book Club members bought more fiction (76) and non-fiction books (942) than other customers. On the other hand, magazine sales to Club members (33) were fewer than for any other type of customers.

The total number of publications sold for the month was 3134 (1474 to college students, 405 to staff, 204 to the public, and 1051 to Book Club member). Of this figure, 151 items were fiction books and 1287 were non-fiction. Therefore, magazines accounted for the greatest number of sales (1696).



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