Nowadays, the number of world citizens has been dramatically increasing because of several factors/triggers, like a rise in people’s prosperity, early marriage.etc. These conditions cause many problems in both developing and developed countries.

The governments in poor, undeveloped countries are facing the problems such as poverty, lack of job opportunities, and food scarcity, as a result of overpopulation. While in modern, developed countries the problems are a wild growth in pollution, which is caused by mass factory production, a lack of sterilized mater, and high inflation rates.

The possible solution to overcome these problems is an agreement between developed and developing countries. Some nations that represent both kind of countries should put their signature/sign on an agreement letter that contains some cooperative tasks to complete, like putting a minimum age on marriage, encouraging people to establish creative enterprises, subsidizing ferImagetilizer for farmers, shifting the usage of leaded fuel to renewable energy (sun panel, air current, marine power, etc) and controlling household consumption.

The agreement is of no use unless these countries have a desire to do the tasks. Likewise, the financial support from rich countries to the poor countries will be necessary and useful to them.


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