Drugs are important to cure diseases and illness, however their abuse by young people can cause an imbalance in society. There are many causes and effects for this problem, yet some recommendations are available to solve it.

Many factors can lead to this problem. Firstly, drugs are easy to obtain. It is possible for children, youths or adults to buy drugs in drug stores without a doctor’s prescription. That’s because the government does not strictly regulate the drug trade, such as a minimum age of drug buyers. Secondly, daily school tasks, such as unwelcome friendships, and annoying teachers in some subject, often stress most young people. To relieve this strain, they then buy drugs, which are freely traded.

As a result of these triggers above, our teenagers lose their confidence. They do not want to be a part of society, even among their family members. They feel guilty for what they have done by abusing drugs. Moreover, they are no longer having a strong desire to achieve their goals and targets in school or university. Likewise, social imbalance will happen. As widely known, young people are the engine of change. Everywhere old people put a hope their sons to better develop everything in a village or their country such as education, social health, and the economy. So what if the young people are sick?

Possible solutions to deal with this problem are for the government to educate people about the problem such as the role of parents. Government should encourage people to use drugs wisely, provide a reward for success of young people and punishment of drugs abusers and make policy about drug usage and trade. Parents also play an important role in this case. They should spend more time with their children. By this, teenagers are being controlled and can share their problems with them instead of abusing drugs. That’s the problems and my recommendations to solve them.

*thanks to Mr.Blue for correction this article



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