Etiquette for student and teacher*

There are many apparent duties for student. Those things are break down to 10 points.

The first duty; to purify the soul from bad behavior and blame character.

 Indeed that knowledge is worship of soul, secret pray, and to make inner soul be clocer to Allah SAW. As the prayer which is physical duty is not valid unless with the state of cleanliness from dirty, as well as inner worship and heart enrichment with knowledge are not valid unless after it was being purified from dirty of behavior and evil characters. The Phropet peace be upon him said, “The religion is built on the cleanliness” as well as outer and inner. Allah SAW said, “Indeed the polytheists are dirty. As a warning for our mind that the cleanliness and dirtiness is not limited only physical things reached by the sense. The polytheist may be clean with the clothes they wear and the washed bodies but their essences are dirty, or their inner are full with dirtiness.

The impurity is term that we asked to be far from them and avoid. And the dirtiness of inner character is the most important to be avoid. For the inner character with its dirtiness is harmfull now and then. Therefore The Phropet peace be upon him said, “The angel will not enter the house which has the dog in it”. And the soul is house، home of angel، and place where it marks its trail. And all bad characters such as mad, desire, jealousy, arrogance and self-conceit etc, are like the barking dog. So how the angel want to enter the house whereas it is full of dog. And the light of knowledge will not illuminate the heart unless with the medium of angel. And this what was being sent to the heart from gift (knowledge) and truly the angels handled this matter. And these angels were holy purified and Acquitted of reprehensible qualities, therefore they don’t notice except to the clean things. And they are not enriching of what they have from the treasure of Allah but a good clean.

I don’t say that the term ‘house’ is sould and the term ‘dog’ is mad as well as all evil characters, but I’m trying to say it’s nothing but the warning. And please make the difference between the expressions of physical to the secret and between the expressions of secret from mentioning the physical with its decision. And please make the difference about the secrets in this case, truly this is the way of consideration that was being used by our ulama’ and righteous. Consideration means to make something as model to others, and it is not limited on that thing. As the rational man finds other’s calamity for him as lesson that he must be reflected to it as warning for he is also susceptible to calamities. He created the world with the side up and down. Making it as analogy to others and that of himself to the world is commendable. So, think your self as the house which is building of behavior to the soul which is the house of Allah’s building; and the dog which is bad because of its characters, not of its physic. And things in it from impurities to the spirit of dog is Sab’iyyah.

*this what I tried to translate from Imam Al-ghazali’s  Ihya Ulumuddin chapter “Fi Adabil Muta’allim”.


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