Hare and Snail

One day, there was a hare walking by the side of a river. After a few steps, it advertently stared at a small snail crawling on that stream. Then it came closer to the snail and said arrogantly: “Hii, tiny snail. Would you like to accept my challenge? We both run along this river to the bridge. Whoever gets there first, he is the winner”.

The snail knew it could never win this competition unless it played some tricks. It also realised that the hare underestimated it (the snail). The snail then replied: “Okay dude, I will take your challenge but give me a second to eat in order to gain my strength”. The hare said: “Haha, okay then. Take your time”.

The snail disappeared immediately. It set up everything to win this battle. What it needed to do is called its friends, and asks them to stand by along the river edge under water surface. Hopefully during the battle whenever the hare called the snail ensuring its leading position, the snail’s friends whose position in front of that’s of the hare, will appear and reply to it (the hare’s summon). That’s what will be happen over and over again, untill the have gives up looking the snail down.

After minutes, the snail appeared on the river and told the hare that it was ready to win the battle. The snail and the hare then took their place at the starting point, counting down 3… 2… 1… go!! The snail’s plan ran succesfully. Everytime the hare called the snail, the snail appeared in front. Eventually, the snail appeared first on the bridge and later the hare did. Then the hare admitted the snail is more super then itself (the hare).


The lesson taken: do not ever underestimate something smaller than you 🙂


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