lesson today

I live at the UTM hostel (hereafter denoted by A) to be exact at the sixth floor. For it really can be seen clearly enough, even from far distances, from A’s westside, I was thinking A is the highest building in Semarak zone. However, I realize there are other buildings (hereafter denoted by C) on A’s eastside that more more higher that A. But still ignorantly my mind kept that silly thought for more or less than two months.

One morning, I walked out looking for fresh air. There were only two choices, taking east or westside. I felt strongly I’ve accustomed passing through westside. So instantly I took the eastside and imagined that it’ll be more challenging. By assuming A was highest building and visible from any direction, I could go further at least for half of an hour. But only after around 10 minute-walking bell was ringing. I’m finally aware that eastside is unlike the westside that kinds of flat like. Eastside appearantly turned out to be very different. It was full of alleyways and local people dwells. As a result the majesty of A was drown out by these constructions and slightly veiled by the existance of C. Because A was no longer visible, I changed my mind not to go further and then finding the way back.

Lesson taken: imagine A as our minds. Probably, we are excelent at one skill, so we underestimate the others without considering others’ capability in many skills we do not even know a little at these.


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