The Polemical Teaching of Jesus: Was It Originally Purposed To Be Universal?


History witnessed perpetual clash over centuries between two largest religions, Christianity and Islām for these both maintain that each of them is God’s revealed religion, which means to be universal. By universal, we mean applicable to all men because true in an absolute sense.[1] It can tell by the mission they promote, ‘To spread the Divine Message throughout the world’. Besides, the fact that they share several names of men in their sacred Scriptures; the Bible and the Holy Qur’ān, such as Abraham, Isaac, David, Joseph, Jacob, Jesus, Mary, Moses, etc,[2] can possibly trigger an critical inquiry to come pertaining the origin and originality of these religions, their founders, their conception of God, and so on.

Among these questions above, the most often one put forward is who was actually Jesus according to both religion? Of course, the answer will contrast each other, since their believes are totally different. A Christian will perceive Jesus as Son of God in the sense of being part of Divine Trinity, who was sent to call all human kind (lost sheeps) back to the right path,[3] whereas Muslim admits him as .. (to read more please click –> ) (here)



[1]Christensen, Jens, Mission to Islām And Beyond: A Practical Theology of Mission. (Blackwood, South Australia: New Creation Publication Inc, 2001), p. 213. Hereafter cited as MIB.

[2] See Genesis 11, Genesis 21, II Samuel 11, Genesis 37, Genesis 29, Luke 2, Matthew 27:61, Exodus 2. Cf QS.1:132-133, QS.1:251, QS.6:84, QS.1:87.

[3]Luke 15:1-7.


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